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Quick, tell the truth about something!
I hate my husband. I can do so much better. I don't know why I picked a piece of shit low life. I am waaaaay better than that. I don't need him. What he doesn't know is that I am going to get free consultation from a lawyer and start the process of a divorce. Tired of the abuse.

Update on Me Real Shit Yo!

(I thought the title would be funny)

I am too lazy... Thank goodness for PT. I start tomorrow. It's been a week or two. Since I came back I have gained a bit of pounds. But, to look a bit slim for my husband, and to get fit for myself, I am wanting to invest into a stripper pole. That does rotate. But maybe not, I might lose more calories just using a standard pole.

But anyway, I am going to get on the ball of things shortly. Maybe for Christmas I will buy myself a stripper pole, and get my daughter a puppy that she is always crying about every time she encouners one. I don't know what my husband wants. But he deff needs more underwear and some shorts and t-shirts (well I would like to get him some lovely clothes).

Great news! We are moving soon to a new apartment, I want it to have a japanese theme to it. Nothing elegant something simple. I want a rectangular table that sits on the ground I believe it's called a kutatsu or somehting like it. And the chairs are called zaisu or za isu- they are legless chairs.

I want my daughter's room to be modern. But I have thought of getting rid of her base and have her sleep on the bed, sort of like a futon but not be as flat as one. I like the idea of simple. I like the idea of having simplicity as a way of living. We don't own the comfort or luxury of a couch, we chose to live this way. Rent- A- Center didn't come and pick up our furniture, this is a way of our life. I would like to have the cushions the Japanese might use in their living areas. We don't have a springy type floor, like they would in a Japanese apartment, but I think it would be lovely.

But the simple life is what we have for the most part, and that is fine with us. I think I truly understand to learn how to live without the modern technology and be content. I don't need an iPad, or an iPhone. I think being in Iraq changed me a bit. Vanity doesn't mean much to me anymore. My daughter is what matters, and the well being of my family.

I am not like these military people who have to have the new flashy cares, the blue tooth phones, the freshly made crotch rocket on the market.

I do need the internet though. And a vechile, as well as my little pre-paid cell phone that has excellent service. I am just plain ol' me. I learned not to care, I came back and just said "Fuck you, fuck you! And suck cock!"  Leave me alone and I will leave you alone. But for some reason, I don't understand why, everyone wants to know what you do. Tries to give you unwanted advice. I think to myself, 'I didn't fucking ask you. If I needed or want your help, I would ask.'

I love my husband because he was the one that taught me that strangers don't matter. It's all about you and your family and the ones that care for you. I do believe in group help, but even then I am very skeptical.

My Erotic Project

So, I am doing a lot of creative writing in another journal:


here's the link... send me a friend request and I will add you.. I hope you enjoy =D


Plan C

So here it is. We have completed Plan A and moved to Plan B. Next Phase is Plan C:

It's a rough draft for the time being:
-Move to Louisiana (preferably New Orleans)
-Me, get a a security job.
-Husband, get an accounting bookkeeping job.
-Daughter, Pre-K

Hopefully move in a Condo.

The plan may be a bit dull, but guess what, it's something to look forward too.

I would love to move into a Condo, because we won't have to worry about doing the lawn. ;-)

I don't want to live in a house, but I would like to live in an apartment type deal. Apartments are so cozy.
Not so open. Just a corner of the world I can own a bit.

Best Mindfucking Movie Nominated Is...

The Life Before Her Eyes

Featuring Uma Thruman.

Street Music in New Orleans <3

Glimpses Of New Orleans Pt. 2

Glimpses Of New Orleans <3

still uploading more, it will take a while, but this is the beginning.